Halon – My Case

Halon – My Case

A song that is always enjoyable is a song with a fresh sound. Not fresh just in the sense of being new, but being different in its approach to make something must hear. That vibrant sound that lets the creative shine, as you take in music like you’ve never heard. That is what music is all about and Halon delivers a sure hit that encompasses all of that on the new song “My Case”.

Halon brings a major hit filled with appeal and innovation is what you get from “My Case”. It’s the type of music that as soon as you hit play, a certain seriousness comes over you, as you instantly give it your full attention it deserves for this brilliant display of music. The record is packed with innovation in the sound that progresses incredibly well to make music you can get lost in, and the vocals bring a masterful tone to make you feel the writing, to really takes the emotion in the music to another level.

Halon’s “My Case” is a true smash of a record that the whole world will love. The dark Pop sound shines to the fullest, and Halon lets her star power shine through it all, as you get wrapped up in the artistry that goes all out for us, to have a record with unlimited replay value that gets better with every listen.

Check out Halon “My Case” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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