DAVE & THE DUDES – Down For The Count

DAVE & THE DUDES – Down For The Count

There are plenty of reasons why a song can stand out depending on the genre, but in Rock music it truly stands out when it has a big time feel to it. That anthem approach to the song that captivates you with the big presence of the music that you can’t deny. That type of sound shines bright from DAVE & THE DUDES with his new song “Down For The Count”.

DAVE & THE DUDES brings you something familiar, yet so fresh on the new song “Down For The Count”. The classic touch to the sound grabs you right away with an exhilarating Rock feel that is enjoyable to hear in the verses, and when you get to the chorus the music takes you away, with a big time sound that takes you to another world that you must be apart of. It not only clicks in the sound but the writing is brilliant as well, and delivered even more so with a strong engaging vocal performance that is filled with the passion and soul to push this record to its rightful destination. 

DAVE & THE DUDES “Down For The Count” is a musical masterpiece that runs wild in the free spirit that you want to hear in music. It’s a record filled with infectious energy that really comes to life in the as the music speaks to you in a real way. If you love great exciting music, then you will be able to enjoy every second of this incredible smash!

Check out DAVE & THE DUDES “Down For The Count” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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