FRH Golden – Full View

FRH Golden – Full View

Music is something truly special when it gives you an experience you can feel. When you can hit play on the record and go on whatever journey the music takes you on, due to the emotional connection that takes place when you hear it. That type of experience is what makes not only music timeless but Hip hop especially. A genre known for its transparency with its fan as we all want to hear something real, and something real is what you get from FRH Golden on his new song “Full View”.

FRH Golden bring a soulful piece of art to the world on his new release “Full View”. As soon as you hit play you get enjoy the Neo soul vibe to the sound that bring a melancholy approach to the sound, to slow things down to take in the emotion in the record. With the music flowing FRG shines through to show off the golden in his name. Being poetic in his rhyme approach with the words flowing so effortlessly, as his vivid details in his lyricism paints the picture to help us all enjoy the “Full View”.

Everything that makes an artist stick with you is what is brought to life on this audio gem. Its music that stands out in its quality, with everyone being able to hear the mastery in the approach but what will really grab you its the soul put into the music, to make us true fans of this stand out record and stand out talent alike.

Check out FRH Golden “Full View” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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