Rixhy B – Richman

Rixhy B – Richman

Music is more than ever is all about a vibe. That music that you feel as it gives you an experience you don’t want go without. When you feel the music it’s that much more real for you, as it goes beyond just enjoying the talent of a creative, but just something that you feel apart of as you get lost in the sound. That’s what you get from Rixhy B on his new song “Richman”.

Rixhy B brings a sound that is layered in grooves that will make you move on the new song “Richman”. The Afro laced sound shines right away, met with a slick approach to the percussion that sets the ultimate tone to get us all listening. As you get to enjoy the music you also enjoy the vocals that are smooth in their tone and commanding in their presence, as he brings the catchy writing to life to make a song worth every listen.

Rixhy B’s “Richman” is the perfect sound that you can play and let your mind run free, as you get to enjoy the music to the fullest. It doesn’t waste a single second getting you invested with an infectious sound that one listen will never be enough for, as you get to enjoy the layers to the sound in every way on this jam that is just on time.

Check out Rixhy B “Richman” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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