Bre Kennedy – Navigating

Bre Kennedy – Navigating

Theres no denying the power music can have over you when you feel it. When you are able to hit play on a record and able to take on the emotion of the music, while you get in the special intricacies of it. That element is what makes certain songs timeless, as you are able to always take on the emotion of it no matter the climate, and thats what you get from Bre Kennedy on her new song “Navigating”.

Bre Kennedy delivers a beautiful emotive anthem on her new song “Navigating”. The music progress to perfection with a slow burn in the verses that shines in the emotion in her vocals, that melt you with every note as you feel the heartfelt substance in the lyrics. As the music flows you get lost in its waves especially when you get to the chorus that has an approach that is big time, and makes you feel the music to your core as you want to sing along to every word to the fullest, on this song that does everything right to make something truly supreme.

Bre Kennedy’s “Navigating” is a record that keeps on giving with a pure experience of music that is worth every listen. You are able to enjoy the care put into the music to make something special for us all, while also being able to feel the music to make it that much more, as well as enjoyable for the masses to keep listening for time to come.

Check out Bre Kennedy “Navigating” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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