Daugaard x Riggz the Lord x High C – FWTG

Daugaard x Riggz the Lord x High C – FWTG

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start off the week strong. For Mondays we always try to bring the best releases possible, to set the tone for the level of work we hope to showcase, as well as help you all get things going as well. To kick off this week it is a must that we bring you the new outstanding release from Daugaard, Riggz the Lord, and High C called “FWTG”.

Daugaard comes together with Riggz the Lord and High C to make must hear music on the new song “FWTG”. As soon as you hit play the music gets you invested with an incredible hard sound, that knocks out your speaks to set the ultimate tone for the work that comes to life. Taking full advantage of the hard sound you get performances that are second to none. Kicking impressive lyricism that packs a punch and matched with hard flow that deliver it all with major to make a record that is impossible to ignore.

Everything that makes Hip Hop exciting to listen to is what this record delivers on a silver platter. Its a fresh sound that is bold and daring in its approach, to make something that truly stands out in its quality as well as authenticity. If you’re looking to hear some super dope music, you can end your search on this special tune that does everything right to make for an exciting experience worth every listen.

Check out Daugaard, Riggz the Lord, and High C “FWTG” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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