As an artist it’s not only enough to make music that sounds good to hear. Especially in a climate like today where there is always a new rising talent coming from all over the world, that the music just being good won’t cut it anymore. Artists have to also be relatable and make music that people can feel to make it something to connect to and Danny Ali has that feel on his new song “THE NIGHT TIME STOOD STILL”.

Danny Ali puts his must hear talent on display to give us the real on his new song “THE NIGHT TIME STOOD STILL”. The production sets an engaging tone for him to take over with hard 808s, being met with a smooth sample to make for a sound that knocks. As the music flows he brings a commanding presence to him, with great heart in his rhyme approach to push things along, while he brings introspective writing that is relatable in its substance to make for a song we can all relate to and keep in rotation.

Danny Ali’s “THE NIGHT TIME STOOD STILL” is a stand out record that makes you want to enjoy the music as well as connect with the person behind the music,. Its the perfect storm of super dope sounds working together, in the production, while matching it strong heartfelt writing, and the flow confident enough to deliver it all to make it a complete record ready for the world.

Check out Danny Ali “THE NIGHT TIME STOOD STILL” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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