Run The Distance – Scared Money

Run The Distance – Scared Money

As much as music is an audio thing, it’s also just as much a visual one. The sounds working together to paint a picture for you, as the music comes to life and takes you on a journey of the mind. That music isn’t easy to come by but some musicians have a daring approach, to their music that makes it stand out like no other, and that’s what Run The Distance delivers on their new song “Scared Money”.

Run The Distance brings a powerful sound to life thats impossible to ignore on the new song “Scared Money”. The music has a Hard Rock sound to it, that makes you feel the music in a real way, as it straps you for a thrilling ride that you’re excited to experience, with a rawness to the vocals that plays the perfect guide for the record. With each passing second you are able to get more invested in the approach, as so many different elements telling a story, you get to leave your subjectivity at the door and just be a fan of the vision created.

Run The Distance’s “Scared Money” is the perfect record to showcase the power of music, and the effect it has when people are bold and commanding in their approach to take chances in the music. You can listen to the music and tell there was no formula used, but just a common goal of making the best music possible, and it works to perfection for this amazing collective.

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