One of the sweet things about this platform is being able to get familiar with artists. Being able to see their name and know that when you hit play you’re gonna get something amazing time. That is impressive in its own right with how subjective music is, as well just how tough it is as an artist to come up with fresh ideas, but RIIIVER JORDAN always has some heat for us and his new song “Love Jones” is a shining example of that.

RIIIVER JORDAN brings some of his smoothest music to date to make a smash on the new song “Love Jones”. The ultra smooth approach to the sound slows down time for you immediately to feel the magic in the music. Each melody gliding as well as the net to make for something that feel just as good as it sounds. Not only shining in the production, he also shines vocally with so much soul in his tone that you are able to feel the love in the writing, to make for an experience of music like no other.

RIIIVER JORDAN’s “Love Jones” is a record that does everything right to give the people something they can vibe to. It has a timeless approach that runs wild in the spirit of love songs before its time, with the soul in the music being able to resonate for a lifetime. If you’re looking for a record that puts fresh life into R&B, this record will surely get the job done in a major way.

Check out RIIIVER JORDAN “Love Jones” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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