Christopha – Best Version

Christopha – Best Version

Hip Hop is a genre of music that connects like no other. A genre of music that is known for keeping it real and putting their heart into the music to connect to the audience in a real way. An artist who does that at a high level is Christopha, who was first on our site with his song “Seven Seas” and now he’s back with more on the new song “Best Version”.

Christopha brings a heartfelt brilliant performance for his new song “Best Version”. The acoustic piano sets a masterful tone that allows you to slow down time to catch the emceeing that comes to life. He’s let his words fly with so much conviction, as his pen comes to life being able to be transparent at a high level to bring us closer to the artist, as well as be able to relate to him to show the true power of music that brings people together in a real way.

The mastery in the approach is one of this record’s greatest assets with the soul put into the music making a timeless connection. He dives deep in his creativity to bring real substance to life to make you feel the words, just as much as you see them while he paints an emotive picture to make fans of us all.

Check out Christopha “Best Version” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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