bludnymph – Watch Me

bludnymph – Watch Me

Theres no denying how much music is out present day. Every hour there seems to be a new songs coming out vying foe the attention of the world. With as much music that is out, a big time record still is able to shine through the rest. Those songs you hear and know this was made with the full intent of crossing barriers, to make for an experience that can grab any listener. That big time approach is what you get from bludnymph on the new song “Watch Me”.

A mega sound full of appeal is what you get from bludnymph on the new song “Watch Me”. The mega electro pop approach to the sound works wonders, being packed with danceable grooves to make you want to move to this must hear sound. With the music pumping so does the vocals that shine in their presence, with star appeal to them that sound major and brings the right amount to the lyrics to make for a fun experience to do everything right to make fans of us all.

If you’re looking for a record with worldwide appeal, you will enjoy the mastery in the approach of bludnymph. Its a brilliant body of work that gives the people what they want to hear, when they want to hear it to make sure it touches as many people as possible, with a stand out approach that shows the level their is to music.

Check out bludnymph “Watch Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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