Music has a special way of grabbing you when you can feel it. When the magic of the music takes over as you hear the small details in the music, to the big ones to make for one major listen that you cant get enough of. That type of experience is what you get from the new song from Danté called “PICK UP THE PHONE”.

Danté makes must hear R&B on his new song “PICK UP THE PHONE”. He captures the magic of classics people go back to, with a fresh approach that makes it enjoyable. His presence is felt majorly with a vocal tone rooted in soul, to make the music felt, while he delivers the writing perfection to make musical magic, that you must be apart of. This all takes place over a smooth production laced with major bass and grooves, to make the total package of artistry for us all to take in.

Danté“PICK UP THE PHONE” is an instant classic that one play won’t be enough for you. In a time where music can be generic, he brings an authentic musical experience that is refreshing to hear, as well as great music to get lost in. It excels in every category of record making, from the super smooth production, amazing writing you can feel, and a vocal performance that melts you with every note.

Check out Danté “PICK UP THE PHONE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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