Brotha Josh – Miss Me

Brotha Josh – Miss Me

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start the week off strong. To start things off for the week, we always try to bring those special releases that shine in their quality, as well as serve as the perfect pick me up for this day that can be a drag. In order to accomplish this goal its a must we come across stellar artist, who have must hear music and Brotha Josh always has that with his new song “Miss Me” being some of his best.

Brotha Josh brings a smooth vibe that cant be disturbed on the new song “Miss Me”. As soon as you hit play you are able to just breathe, to the beauty of the sound that works wonders to the soul and lets you relax to the music that takes form. His signature vocals take over in a real way and marvels at conveying emotion in his tone, that makes you feel the lyrics that shine in the verses, and thrives in its catchiness in the chorus to make for the ultimate bop that is enjoyable for every second.

The magic of Brotha Josh’s sound is on full display on his latest release “Miss Me”. His music is special and shines because of it feeling good to hear, to make it all timeless and worth coming back to every time. If you’re looking for amazing music and a stand out artist to dive into, this will surely satisfy you in a real way.

Check out Brotha Josh “Miss Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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