Dave Kensington – Popstar

Dave Kensington – Popstar

Music has long been a direct reflection of the times we are in. Being able to to take real issues going on in the world and put into song in the most digestible way possible, to not only make amazing music that sounds good to hear, but also makes us take time to look at ourselves as well the world around us from a different view. That type of experience is what you get from Dave Kensington’s new release “Popstar”.

Dave Kensington brings a brilliant Pop sound to life to take on Internet fame on the new song “Popstar”. The upbeat piano sound lays the perfect sounds for the vision to take form, with verses serving up the out of this world chorus that shines in vocals and sound alike. As you get more invested in the music you get to really dive into the writing that, shines in its depth and articulation being able to bring awareness to the youth about the woes of trying to become a “Insta Star” in the most fun way possible to give the sweet medicine music is known for.

This new release “Popstar” is a musical experience that delivers in every way. It thrives at bringing a strong commercial sound that is ready for the masses, while also being able to bring major substance to the music to give us something more than we came with, and brings it all home visually as well to make the vision complete for audiences everywhere to dive into.

Check out Dave Kensington “Popstar” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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