J Lloso – Estar Aqui

J Lloso – Estar Aqui

One of the easiest records to get in to is a great love song. Those songs that you feel the beauty and magic in, as it takes you to a special place that you love to be. A great love song is the type of music that makes you fall in love with the artist, and the music in real time as you enjoy the vibe to a point, you become a fan of the artist behind the music. That’s the experience you will have with J Lloso on his new song “Estar Aqui”.

J Lloso brings a smooth Latin vibe that does wonders for the soul on the new song “Estar Aqui”. This emotive record gets you invested in every way, as the artistry delivers to the fullest. The tone set in the production makes you feel the blissful energy of the music, as he lets his presence stand out with a that helps his star power shine. To make it all connect in its magic you get to enjoy the writing that is well crafted in the verses and takes off in the chorus to make sure you enjoy it all.

J Lloso’s “Estar Aqui” is that special class of music that sounds just as good as it feels to take in. It delivers an audio masterpiece for us all to get something we can rock to, as it brings the full scope of the vision to entertain the masses, with his impressive sound that will make a fan out of anyone who tunes in.

Check out J Lloso “Estar Aqui” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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