Interview: Lord Solomon Talks Artistry, Influences, “Baptize Me Everywhere”, and What’s to Come

Interview: Lord Solomon Talks Artistry, Influences, “Baptize Me Everywhere”, and What’s to Come

For an artist to connect above the rest they have to give you something more than the per usual. They have to be able to offer you more than just a good sound, but some type of element to the music that makes you feel the soul in the artistry. That type of connection is what you make with Lord Solomon’s new project “Baptize Me Everywhere”. A brilliant EP that captures the soul of music to the fullest. Hw was gracious enough to answer some questions for us, to help us learn more about the person behind the music. Below is the interview.

Who is Lord Solomon the artist?

This is going to sound crazy but even as an artist I’m still a writer first. If I listen to a song or watch a movie or tv show and the writing is trash I’m immediately snapped back into reality. Even as artist we paint a picture.

On a deeper level and not everyone is going to understand this but as artist we open up portals. The Latin word for Artist is the word “Ars” which is a medium (doorway) to feelings, ideas, emotions or inspiration. To answer your question i guess im a vessel really

What are some of your influences and how did that get incorporated into the music?

My parents raised me in church so I couldn’t listen to “secular” or “worldly” music until I got grown and got out of my mommas house lol that was when I was 19 or 20 back in 2008. However saved my momma was she still has a thing for Anita Bakers music and we did get to listen to that. So the foundation of my musical ear is Anita Baker then morphed into Toni Braxton and Maxwell then evolved into my Love for Brandy and lalah hathaway. That sound comes through in my song “Familiar Energy” on my EP.

That’s my R&B vocal production and arrangement side. My writing and vocal side comes from my dad’s influence he was a choir director so gospel music and Quartet music which all my uncles sang contributed to my love for D’Angelo and neo-soul artist of late 90s (which I used to sneak and listen to) which later transformed into my love for Jazmine Sullivan and you can def hear those influences in like 70% of the EP. 

What was your creative process for your new album “Baptize Me Everywhere”? 

It’s an EP I dont want my listeners to think this the album yet lol I just wanted to cast my net as a artist first and see what happen. I’m a songwriter first so the process is always concept of a song or maybe the melody and then I just build around it by adding my life experiences or a feeling I’m in at the moment into it then hiring musicians to fill in the pieces and off to the studio to record it

At what point in the process did you feel comfortable with the project to say it’s complete and ready for the world to hear? 

When I can feel an Anointing on it. People reduce the Anointing to just church or religious settings and not to sound deep but I believe in God and I believe God supercedes church or a building or just a group of people. Why would a creator create a creation he has no connection too?

I believe he uses music and other forms of Art as a conduit to grab people’s attention. So once I can feel that presence or energy or whatever you wanna call it grab me in each of my songs I knew it was done. Some songs didn’t have it on there so they didn’t make it on the project 

What does success for your new album look like to you?

Having each song resonate with my listeners so accurately and so intensely that it forces them to get back to there purpose. After covid happened I feel like so many people have become displaced in society. It’s like everyone is a refugee in there own home, they lost their purpose they lost their focus. That’s why the song interlude “There’s a Light” is on the EP to remind people you still have something on this earth you need to accomplish. Regardless of what pandemic or personal trauma happens to you. If my music conveys that it was a success

What is one piece of advice you would give to an upcoming artist? 

Learn how to forgive swiftly! In this game people are going to lie to you, lie on you, steal ideas from you, look over you, give you fake promises, forget to get back to you, reject you,  try to block opportunities from you but the secret is you can NOT take any of it personally. They’re just doing what they think they have to do to be successful in the music industry but in life there is a formula to success and being inauthentic and phony is not apart of that formula. 

What’s next for Lord Solomon? 

That is a great question (laughing emoji). Seriously I was just praying last night like God what do I do next. For a person who saw and planned my whole entire career most of my life I don’t know lol.

I planned to be a huge world famous songwriter by the time I was 25 and now in my 30s I feel like God flung me into the artist seat (which i never wanted to be an artist lol) Everytime I plan something God sabotages it (crying emoji then laughing emoji) so I guess My plans is from here on out is to be led. Whenever you’re led whatever you do will be successful so yeah I think that’s the plan for now.

Check out Lord Solomon “Baptize Me Everywhere” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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