ADVM – Weekend

ADVM – Weekend

An artist that is able to have fun in their music, is an artist who will always be listened to. Being able to put your energy in the music, to the point the people enjoy the music, just as much as you enjoyed making it. That will always resonate and ADVM embodies that in his new song “Weekend”.

ADVM brings a fun record to make the soundtrack for our weekends with the new song “Weekend”. The charisma on the mic in infectious, and makes you buy into the music instantly over this great production that captures the vibes necessary to bring it to life. The lyrics are witty and slick, with each line getting your attention in a real way to make it an enjoyable listen every time.

ADVM’s “Weekend” is that engaging music that makes people continue to support music. Each moving part plays it’s role to make an entertaining experience for the listener to enjoy limitlessly. It’s connects in the audio and visuals alike to make sure we keep coming back for more.

Check out ADVM “Weekend” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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