A1 Beanz – Where Da Sta$h

A1 Beanz – Where Da Sta$h

Hip Hop music is always something to be excited for when an emcee lets their words fly. When they just throw on a beat that’s dope, and just let the best things that they can say take over the track to make us all buy into the must hear artistry. An artist that delivers that is A1 Beanz and with his latest release “Where Da Sta$h” he shows you how next level he is.

A1 Beanz puts together a lyrical masterpiece that cant be denied on his new track “Where Da Sta$h”. The production captures a great hard feel that makes you feel the music instantly for the vibe that is created. Once the tone is set Beanz flow and rhymes takes over, as it commands the full attention of the listener with lyrical wizardry that is magic for every second. Being able to paint a picture with his words that comes to life for the listener to go on the journey that he takes us on.

A1 Beanz “Where Da Sta$h” is impressive release for an artist who pours so much life in to his music. The care and talent in the music shines through with everything being on point from the sounds that knock, the lyricism that shines in every bar, and the flow that brings it all home to make Hip Hop gold.

Check out A1 Beanz “Where Da Sta$h” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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