Lord Solomon – Baptize Me Everywhere EP (Album Review)

Lord Solomon – Baptize Me Everywhere EP (Album Review)

If there is any genre of music that is known for its soul it is definitely R&B music. A style of music that is timeless in its approach due to the emotional connection the music makes with the listener. Present day you see more and more people discussing if there is any good R&B out there, but with the latest project from Lord Solomon called “Baptize Me Everywhere” we have a shining example of what the genre still has to offer, as he brings us six songs and 18 minutes of pure gold. Below is the review.

My Strength is Gone: The project starts strong with a Blues feel to the sound that is perfect for the soul he displays in his music. He gives his all to the music and feel it as such, with a heartfelt approach that makes the relatable substance in the lyrics shine through, covering having to let go of a love that will no longer do.

A Love the World Couldn’t Give: To keep the project growing sonically you get the same approach to the sound, with production that sounds like a smoother version of D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel). The approach to the sound really lets the craftsmanship in the writing stand out, being crafted with the same magic of love songs before its time, and being delivered with the ultimate passion to bring it all home.

Baptize Me Everywhere (Interlude): Bringing the title of the project to life, he changes tempo and brings a brilliant sexy sound, that breathes fresh life into the culture of R&B music. That passion that can seem to be lacking in today’s climate, is what this quick interlude offers up for every second.

Familiar Energy: This is one record that truly feels good to hear. It’s easy listening true to the definition, with the only work being for the listener to hit play. The music feels like you’re walking on air and Solomon’s vocals glide so effortlessly with a nice balance bringing singing and a rapping cadence to bring sweet music to our ears, on this record that is a personal favorite and has unlimited replay value.

There’s a Light (Interlude): Serving as the bridge to the final record the music brings a dreamy sound that allows you to take in the music, as well as reflect on the beauty of the music thus far, as he vocally brings all of the harmonies you could need.

Sittin Around: To bring it all home and give the project its fitting conclusion he gives his best vocal performance of the project. The heart that is given throughout is what makes it all connect being able to convey the right amount of emotion, at every turn to make sure you not only feel the soul in the sound, but from the human that it is coming to make a timeless body of work.

Lord Solomon’s “Baptize Me Everywhere” is a sure experience of music that will have you loving every second and wishing you had more time with the music. Its real in its approach and testament of that fact, is the feeling it gives you and the emotion you are able to take on from each respective record, to make us all fans of this major release.

Check out Lord Solomon “Baptize Me Everywhere” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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