KANNER x 93feetofsmoke – BULL IN A CHINA SHOP

KANNER x 93feetofsmoke – BULL IN A CHINA SHOP

An exciting sound to hear is a progressive one. A sound that pushes the envelope and dares to make music like we’ve never heard before. That music always makes for a fresh experience, as you hear new life in the music to make things that much better to explore. That major progressive sound is what you will love about KANNER and 93feetofsmoke’s new song “BULL IN A CHINA SHOP”.

KANNER and 93feetofsmoke come together to deliver a global smash on the new song “The Idea Of You”. The record is truly a Pop Punk masterpiece with a driving exciting sound, that stands out from the plethora of new releases in a real way. The vibrant energy in the vocals is one of this records best attributes, with an infectious tone packed with appeal to make you feel the writing, as well as make it a record that is set to go to the stars.

This is a record that shows how much of an experience music still is to discover. You get that more that you want to hear, with a sound that takes you to an exciting world that you want to give all of your time to discovering. It’s a perfect record if there ever was one with each aspect being just as supreme as the next on this masterpiece, with no misses.

Check out KANNER and 93feetofsmoke “BULL IN A CHINA SHOP” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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