Interview: Ania Sari Talks Career, Influences, “You Got It”, and Future

Interview: Ania Sari Talks Career, Influences, “You Got It”, and Future

Music is something that is forever changing. An art form that offers so much variety that it can divide fans just as much as it brings us together. As subjective as music can be theres no denying the power of hearing an artist put their soul into the record. That element that makes a song stand out beyond sounding good but a true experience of music that stops time for you, to take it all in. That’s what you get from Ania Sari on her new song “You Got It”.

A beautiful empowering record that connects in a major way, to the point you want to know more about the artist behind the music, and she was gracious enough to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Ania Sari the artist?

I would like to describe her as inspiring, bold but delicate like a brightly colored flower. Ania Sari is very colorful; as I release more you’ll see what I mean. The artist in me loves to explore my more vulnerable side in the most creative and uplifting way possible.

What are some of your influences and how did that get incorporated into the music?

My life experiences always play a huge role: I’ve been experiencing so much change, which is not my strong suit but I warmly embrace it because that’s an area I want to improve in. I’m all about growing and improving to become the best version of me. 

Along with the fact I’m very empathetic so a large majority of my music, I feel, just comes from the vibe I’m feeling at that moment in general. 

Like, right now I just believe with so much going on in the world there is a need for more positivity; we can never have enough of it. So, I wanted to make something to cater to that. 

Majority of what inspires and influences my music will be expressed in my lyrics. I love a good lyricist and am working to continue to grow in that area.

What was your creative process for your new song “You Got It”?

One day I just decided I wanted to write something inspiring. I thought about a beat I had gotten a while back and turned it on. Ended up doing a freestyle to it which I then turned into a full song.

I like to finish all the writing before I go into the studio so I know it’s what I want to put down on the record. Typically, at that point I’m already sold on the song which helps me delegate which songs to prioritize recording. 

After I recorded my reference, edited and memorized the words I decided it was time to get the record done!

At what point in the process did you feel comfortable with the project to say it’s complete and ready for the world to hear?

It took one 3 hour session to be happy with the tracks I laid down and the sound of the rough draft. After another listen the next morning, made some minor changes and decided it was ready. I wrote, recorded and confirmed the final draft all in a matter of two weeks. I wanted to get it done before I moved to Texas. 

Since I already had a firm idea of what I wanted it helped me eliminate drawing out the process of putting it out for the world to hear. Definitely was a timely matter since I only had about three weeks until my moving date. I made sure I made it happen!

What does success for your new song look like to you?

The success to me is already done! It’s a huge achievement just to be releasing another song. I would like to see this perform better than my debut single, Crypto Mind. I am making sure I put in the extra work to hopefully get this release to 10,000 streams or more in the first month.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an upcoming artist?

As an artist, we can get stuck in the idea of perfection. Nothing is ever perfect. It’s easier to feel happy and confident putting art out there when you are focused on, in a sense, making music for yourself. In the beginning, I like to think no one else matters. Your tribe will find you in time.

To start, make sure you are creating for you, not for the fame, the numbers, the money etc. Of course we all want to make a living off of our art and what we are passionate about. The journey will be a lot more enjoyable if you are creating because it’s what you want to do. Sharing it with everyone else is just a bonus.

What’s next for Ania Sari?

I will have a music video coming out next month for this release. I am also working on my first EP and already thinking about and prepping for an album. One thing for sure, you will be seeing a lot more of me as it pertains to music this year!

Check out Ania Sari “You Got This” below and follow her on socials. Stay Global my Friends!

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