Odee O – INCUMBENT (Album Review)

Odee O – INCUMBENT (Album Review)

The purpose of albums have always been the opportunity for an artist to up their game and show their wide range of talent, that best defines their style for the masses to buy into. Thats one of the reasons why hearing a new album is so exciting because you know the artist is going to take you on a journey to give you an experience like no other. Thats what you get from Odee O on his new project “INCUMBENT”. a 16 track and hour long project that truly gives you everything to make a fan out of us all. Below is the interview.

Did You Miss Me (Featuring King Proyeawego)“I’m not Regis, I’m more regal” Starting the project off strong he brings a chill vibe that serves as the perfect springboard for the project and song alike. His signature flow feels like a quiet storm as he is able to drop his lyrics that conquer world issues, while also adding his own flex to it to get us invested in what’s to come.

Beyond – As soon as you hit play you feel the soul in the music. The production knocks to the fullest with a sound you can feel, and Odee raps with so much heart to make his lyrics pop more, as he shows off his incredible lyricism with a true stand out on the project.

Champagne & Shots – Serving as the first single to the project and when you hit play you know why. You get a dreamy sound you can vibe to endlessly and you get some of his coolest writing. He brings a braggadocios approach to the music that makes you buy into his cool, and his slick writing that is engaging in every line, to make you feel and enjoy this one in a real way. (Visuals)

Voice in My Head “If you can lead us, go head then!” If the last song was the party, then this track is definitely the after party. The music brings a chill sound but more smoother than the previous record. His lyrical substance is sharp just as much as its poetic , with vivid imagery coming to life from his pen, and his flow being strong enough to deliver it all.

Master Class“Dropping Incumbent upon your head” To switch up the pace he brings a high energy sound with blaring horns that sounds like victory lap, and lyrically he’s running around the city with the torch in his hand. He lets his words fly like a true master with so many quotables and hard lines he’ll keep you rewinding every bar, with it all popping just right to make a record that sounds good, but feels even better to hear.

Big East Tourney – The title for the track is super fitting as he balls out lyrically on this record that really shows off his high grade pen. He flows effortlessly, while still delivering with so much conviction over every piano chord laid in the producuton, to put on a true emcee master class.

Hey Babe – Everything about this record is smooth, with him slowing it down for the ladies while he shows his range. His story telling is masterful with very intricate rhyming and a match made in heaven with the sound to make a record that shines like classic Hip Hop love records before its time.

O.T.W. – One of this projects greatest assets is the soul put into the music that truly connects with fans. He brings a heartfelt approach to the lyricism and flow to make you feel the music that much more, on this record that takes you back to throwing on headphones and just vibing endlessly to the music, as he serves as the perfect guide for this vision he brings to life.

Feels So Good (Featuring Tracy)“In Charlotte like a Hornet” The title does a grand job of explaining the record perfectly with a track that feels so good to hear. The chorus adds fresh life to the sound with great singing by the feature, and Odee coming through on the rhymes with one of his hungriest performances, to show how much life he has in his rhyming.

Bigger – If there was a track to dream to it’ll be definitely be this one, with the message “Think Bigger” shining through to connect with fans everywhere. The heart he raps with grabs you just as much, as his lyrics with them all working in perfect harmony with the sound, to give a great hustler anthem.

Black Waldo“Odee O aka Black Waldo” After slowing down over the previous track he picks the pace right back up to put on a lyrical master class. He so unapologetic in his approach, with a raw fierce flow that goes for gold lyrically every line, to really marvel as the craftsmanship he delivers at every turn.

Frequency OD – This track doesn’t waste a single second getting you invested. As soon as you hit play the production hits you in a real way with major knock that he takes full advantage of. The approach to the vocals is perfect with effect on it, that makes it sound like a call of action, as he puts the culture on notice that he’s on his own wave, and riding it to the fullest.

Preferences Freestyle – The purpose of a freestyle has always been to show how busy you can get on the mic and Odee truly goes to work on this track. Having a sharp line for every 808 and piano chord provided in the music and has a flow full of flavor show how forever dope it will be, for an emcee to let their words go to work.

Do It Remix (Featuring A – Dash) – One of the rawest and funnest tracks of the project. The music captures a hard synth bass, to set an engaging tone as well as show how he can flow over anything with no effort. His confidence on his mic comes through righteously with the poise in his approach working wonders, and being met with a feature that is just on as point with the rhymes to make it a must hear.

O Did (Here We Go Again) – Pushing the track forward and bringing us close to the end, we get a record with dreamy pads and strings to slow it down for us to catch his supreme pen. The flow feels more hungrier than ever, with the passion in his pursuit of greatness coming though in his flow and lyrics alike.

Mia’s Ballad – To bring it home he brings a heartfelt record that gives you everything you love from this project in one track. The music is smoother than ever and Odee brings a melodic flow and his stellar writing to make a song that you can feel to the point you will be singing along to it by the time its over.

Odee O’s “INCUMBENT” is a true masterpiece that gives that more that we love to hear from our Hip Hop stars. He has rhymes for every occasion and raps with so much heart that its impossible not to make a real pure connection with the music and artist alike that can last the times.

Check out Odee O “INCUMBENT” below and follow him on socials. Stay Global my Friends!

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