Mark Woods x Diffrnt x Mike Vaughn – Melodies

Mark Woods x Diffrnt x Mike Vaughn – Melodies

In life we all always need a pick me up from time, and music has long been the perfect fix for that. Always bringing the right messages, or the right sounds that does wonders for the spirit to the point, you have no choice but to feel optimistic about life and to keep going. Mark Woods, Diffrnt, and Mike Vaughn come together to make one of those incredible records on the new song “Melodies”.

Mark Woods, Diffrnt, and Mike Vaughn show the power of collaboration with this new EDM smash you can get lost in on the new song “Melodies”. The major feel to the music grabs you right away, with the music pumping to the fullest with incredible grooves and melodies that makes you feel the energy of the fullest. As you get lost in the sound you get the vocals that are a perfect fit for the sound, with infectious charisma to make you feel and enjoy every thing this records offers.

If you’re looking for a mega experience of music “Melodies” is an amazing display of music that shows the magic that music will always have over the listener. The music sounds good for every second, but the connection it has with the listener is something that will last the times, with a vibrant food good spirit in the music running wild to give the people that more.

Check out Mark Woods, Diffrnt, and Mike Vaughn “Melodies” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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