Eden Rain – Crumb

Eden Rain – Crumb

In a time where you feel like you’ve heard it all, it’s tougher than ever to come across songs that truly wow you. Those songs that you hit play on that leave you stuck in amazement while it not only shines in the quality of it, but gives you. fresh reminder of how great music can still be to take in. Eden Rain gives us all that fresh reminder with his new song “Crumb”.

Eden Rain lets his must hear talent shine to the fullest on his brand new smash “Crumb”. The music grabs you immediately with a stand out genre bending sound that meshes soulful vocals, Indie Pop melodies and Hip Hop sounds to make one major sound she takes full advantage of. She shines in her presence with great heartfelt emotion in her approach, that makes you feel it at a high level to make you as the writing works together with it all to make the vision complete for us to buy into.

Eden Rain’s “Crumb” is a true masterpiece that puts the world on notice of this creative. The music delivers in a real way to show off her signature style of artistry, to garner all the attention this record righteously deserves. If you are looking for a musical experience that you cant miss out on this one will surely get the job done for you in every way.

Check out Eden Rain “Crumb” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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