Blake Proehl – Waves

Blake Proehl – Waves

The time that an artist has with the listener is very powerful. Having the full attention and power to give them something more than they came with. Whether it be a simple record that just gives the listener something cool to hear or even a ballad that relates to heartbreak. The possibilities are truly limitless and at the disposal at the creative, which makes it such a great responsibility for an artist to give the right message at the right time, and thats what Blake Proehl does with his new song “Waves”.

Blake Proehl makes a powerful record to give sweet medicine through song on the new release “Waves”. Music is an an art form that is in a elite class of its own due to the spiritual level effect it can have on the listener, with this record being a shining example of that fact. The big time emotive approach to the sound , sets a beautiful tone for what comes to life with the soothing melodies and acoustic chords building perfectly to bring life to the writing and feel of it all. To match the sound you get a strong vocal performance, to make you feel the heartfelt writing that stands out in its substance to give you all you could need from a record.

Blake Proehl’s “Waves” is a record that truly pours into the listener in a special way through music, to show why it will forever be such a powerful tool to help the masses. The experience of the music is real because you feel it so much in your core, as it says everything that you need to hear in such diving timing to make it a record you can help but fall in love with the supreme body of work.

Check out Blake Proehl “Waves” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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