Fairline x Britt Lari – Begin

Fairline x Britt Lari – Begin

With so much music coming out a song truly has to have a big time approach to stand out. A song that defies the subjectivity of music and shines like a record that was truly meant for the world to hear. Those type of songs always have a raise of separating itself from the pack and this major release from Fairline and Britt Lari called “Begin” is one of those records.

Fairline and Britt Lari come together for the new major must hear release “Begin”. The production sets a brilliant tone bringing a major electro/ dance pop sound that is layered to perfection, to make something for us all to move to. As the music flows so does the vocals tho are sweet in their tone and pack appeal to make it more digestible than ever, to take in the writing that makes this a song that truly gives you everything you could want and more.

This new collaboration doesn’t lack in any way at giving the people that more we love to hear in music. As soon as you hit play you know you’re hearing something truly supreme in every way. The production has big time sound that cant be denied, the vocals are amazing, and the writing shines in the verses and takes off in the chorus to make one mega jam.

Check out Fairline and Britt Lari “Begin” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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