Interview: Syfr talks Artistry, “Scars”, and What’s Next

Interview: Syfr talks Artistry, “Scars”, and What’s Next

An artist always stands out as something special when you not only hear their talent, but when you feel their energy in the music. Those talented artists who have a presence to them that shines, and also feels good to hear, as you take on their emotion to the fullest. That’s what shines about Syfr, and his new song “Scars”. A strong record that dives deep in its creativity to make a genuine connection with the listener, so much so we had to learn more about this artist and he was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions. Below is the interview!

Who is Syfr the artist?

That’s a good question to be honest I’m still figuring him out and what he has to bring to the table. As of now Syfr is growth. His rhythmic tones and melodic song is just the being of what we have to offer. 

What are some of your influences and how did that get incorporated into the music?

At the moment my influence is growth both mentally and physically. Which can be scary as hell most times but this is where I’m at right now and that’s what influences me.

What was your creative process for your new song “Scars”?

I came up with the chorus first and then everything else was built around it. The chorus is the heat beat for the song so I tend to build around it.

At what point in the process did you feel comfortable with the song to say it’s complete and ready for the world to hear?

I never feel like any of my songs are ready to be released. The only reason why Scars is out now is because of my amazing team. Trust me I would’ve found something else to add to it. 

What does success for your new song look like to you?

Gaining new followers.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an upcoming artist?

Well if your reading this we are both upcoming artists and we both need to keep pushing. Consistency always pays off and attract folks who have a purpose and want the same thing as you. Also don’t tell everyone your business blood or not people do pray on your downfall. Also there is power in the tongue speak positively about yourself and keep your head up. I’m routing for you.

What’s next for Syfr?

Busting my ass to achieve everything I dreamed and build my empire.

Check out Syfr “Scars” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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