Syfr – Scars

Syfr – Scars

A sound that will always stick with you is a song you can feel. Those songs that you hit play on and get swept up in the waves of the artistry coming to life, as it slows down to make you take on the energy of the music in a real way. That type of music not only gets you invested in the sound but the artist as well, and Syfr is masterful in this approach with the new song “Scars”.

Syfr brings a brilliant emotive sound that you feel in every way on the new song “Scars”. The record is a daring display of music as he puts it all out there to make a true genuine connection with the listener. He’s able to convey the right amount of emotion and vulnerability in every note, to make the heartfelt writing come to life even more, over this ambient production that takes things over the top for this record that does everything just right to make it impossible to ignore.

Everything you can hope to hear when listening to something new is what you get from Syfr. Its a fresh approach to the music that gives it that more, that we like to hear with its own stand out approach that gives fans everywhere something they can feel, while still displaying high class musicianship to gibe the perfect storm of artistry.

Check out Syfr “Scars” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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