Dempsey Bolton – With My Thoughts

Dempsey Bolton – With My Thoughts

In a time where everything is so fast pace, with so much being put out there for people consume, it takes a lot for people to slow down. Something that always can have its own special touch is music. That thing that we all can go to at the end of the day, or when things are most hectic we can just hit play on one of our favorites and just unwind to the relaxing sound of the record. That type of feel is what you get from Dempsey Bolton on the new song “With My Thoughts”.

Dempsey Bolton brings a smooth vibe of a sound you cant deny on the new song “With My Thoughts”. The easy breezy sound of the production sets the ultimate tone with a laid back touch to it that puts your mind at ease while enjoying the magic of it all. To match the sound he merges Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop effortlessly in the vocal approach to let his presence shines, as well as bring the writing to life to make sure we got to enjoy the full range and scope of the artistry.

If you’re looking for a great record that makes the world more enjoyable just by its presence, then you will want to give this record its proper listen. It easy listening in every way with a smooth enjoyable feel to the music, that just lets you be a fan of the music while its doing its work, to make fans of us all on this release that is right on time for the season.

Check out Dempsey Bolton “With My Thoughts” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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