Artist Spotlight: Sabir

Artist Spotlight: Sabir

Artists today have it harder than any generation before their time, with music being more accessible to make than ever. With so many different tools out there, someone can really decide to make music and by the end of the day have a song done which makes the scene overcrowded. Especially a genre like Hip Hop music. To stand out an artist has to really give their all to the music to make them stand out in a real way and Sabir stands out as something special. He raps with so much heart and you feel it as such with his new project “in Your name, i sin” bringing eight songs to life. We decided to break down a few of the songs we like the most and sure you will too.

AMNESTY “I want to live forever, I can’t be no runner up” The fourth song on the project and it’s truly a stand out. The music has a big time hard sound that Sabir rises to the occasion of, as he lets his words fly with masterful precision to bare his truth taking on struggling to meet familial and religious expectations while managing one’s anger and ego to make a powerful statement of a record.

ego death – One of this project’s greatest assets is bringing an engaging sounds with heavy content. On the surface you get a record that has nice bounce you can vibe to that is met with a flow full of charisma, but once you get to explore the writing that is sharp in its details, to bring relatable situations to life with the powerful concept of the highs and lows in basing your self-worth around the love you feel when partying.  

sinning in Your name – “As the clock ticks, I gotta show that I’m poppin'” For the sixth track of the project he lets his flow slide with ease, over this super smooth sound as he brings it all home in a brilliant way. His presence is felt so majorly with him being super focused in approached and it shines through, to make the heavy lyricism stand out to make this track worthy of being the title track for the project.

rebirth – To close the show he lays it all out there. He raps with so much conviction and hunger that you his desire to your core. You hear him rapping against time and the doubters as he goes for gold and makes every word count, over this genre bending production that serves as the perfect score to this vision he gives the world to buy into.

Check out Sabir “in You name, i sin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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