DEAR-GOD x Clairmont the Second – Copiapó

DEAR-GOD x Clairmont the Second – Copiapó

Music has long been a thing that has shined the most when there is an original touch to it. When you get to hit play on a record and hear sounds put together in a way like you’ve never heard. Especially a gene like Hip Hop music that has long been about bringing your own special flavor for the world to enjoy. That stand out approach is what you get form DEAR-GOD and Clairmont the Second on the collaboration “Copiapó”.

DEAR-GOD and Clairmont the Second brings a hard sound that is impossible to ignore on the new song “Copiapó”. As soon as you hit play the music knocks out your speakers with commanding percussion giving the music its pulse with a nice electro touch to give it a special twist. Just as much as the production gives the music pulse, the rhyming gives the record life with a raw approach to vocals that is perfect for the writing that doesn’t slack in its craftsmanship to give you a fresh experience of music.

If you’re looking for a release worth exploring you will enjoy this new world of music DEAR-GOD and Clairmont the Second come together to create. Its an engaging body of work that does everything right to make a record that sounds good, as well as a fun record that gets better with every listen, with the originality in the approach working wonders to keep us coming back for more.

Check out DEAR-GOD x Clairmont the Second “Copiapó” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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