Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to kick off the week on a high note. To help set the tempo for our week we try to bring those special records that stand out in their quality, as well as approach. Those records that we feel can make a fan out of anyone who listens and SHOWTIME RAMON brings that level of music always with his new song “Spin Cycle” being some of his best work yet.

SHOWTIME RAMON continues to show his must hear talent on his new song “Spin Cycle”. As soon as you hit play the production test a hard tone with a chilling approach to the sound, to get you invested early in this master class that is about to commence. Never slacking in his emceeing SHOWTIME RAMON has a presence that cant be denied, as as a pen that is lyrically sharp and delivers in every line, as his undeniable flow gives it all the right amount of life, to make it worth every listen.

This record stands out musically and brings impressive visuals as well that make you buy into the artist even more, due to his poise and focus that shines through in every way. For established fans this is another exciting release to witness and for new fans this is the perfect intro for this artist who is ready for the world.

Check out SHOWTIME RAMON “Spin Cycle” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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