Interview: Violet Paniko talks Career, “AL CIEN”, and What’s Next

Interview: Violet Paniko talks Career, “AL CIEN”, and What’s Next

To stand out as an artist is a feat that becomes more impossible by the day. Having to compete with so much content out there, an artist has to truly go for gold to make to make an impact, as well as bare themselves to the listener to bring them closer to the person behind the music. That approach is what makes Violet Paniko such a stand out. A talented Latin artist fresh off his impressive release “AL CIEN” that is an exciting release that displays his fearless approach to music. We wanted to know more about him and he was gracious enough to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Violet Paniko the artist?

I’m a queer Latin artist from San Diego. I make trap, R&B, and reggaeton with Spanglish flair.

What are some of your influences and how did that get incorporated into the music?

My influences are wide ranging. Growing up I listened to Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool & The Gang, Michael Jackson, Prince, José Feliciano, Ricardo Arjona, Maná, 50 Cent, and Drake. I see their influence in my music by the sounds I tend to favor, the rhythms that I prefer and my obsession with lyricism.

What was your creative process for your new song “AL CIEN”?

The idea of the song came from my personal experience of losing my family and community. I was raised in a religious cult by the name of Jehovah’s Witnesses. When I decided to leave, my entire social circle and extended family stopped having any contact with me. And so I felt I needed to write a song about it.

That despite all the pain, I’m proud to be living authentically, and I’ve found so much genuine love in my life. I initially wrote the entire song to a YouTube beat, but when I started working with Jacob Cardec, he wrote a brand new instrumental for me that matched the feeling of the lyrics.

At what point in the process did you feel comfortable with the song to say it’s complete and ready for the world to hear?

Ummm.. never? 🤣 I was very nervous to release this song. It all felt extremely vulnerable. It was really my close circle who encouraged me and pushed me to release the song despite my hesitations about it.

What does success for your new song look like to you?

I truly feel like it’s already been successful just by existing. I’m proud of myself for embarking on this journey and writing something so personal even though it scared the shit out of me.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an upcoming artist?

Stay true to you. Reflect on the things that make you unique, and recognize what a special gift it is to want to make music. You have the power to express feelings in ways that only you can, and help other people heal because of it. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

What’s next for Violet Paniko?

Growth. I have so much learning to do about music, about my artistry, and about myself. I’ll be releasing songs consistently with an EP coming out at the end of the year. The journey is just getting started.

Check out Violet Paniko “AL CIEN” below and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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