Violet Paniko – AL CIEN

Violet Paniko – AL CIEN

Music is truly one of the most powerful tools out there. It’s far beyond sounds coming together that sound good, but an instrument to help people get through their toughest times. Since the beginning music has always been a guide for people, to take in messages that they can relate to, that is everything they need to hear at the right time to keep them going. Violet Paniko uses his music for the greater good with his latest effort “AL CIEN”..

Violet Paniko brings the perfect storm of high energy sounds and strong writing on the new song “AL CIEN”. The energy in the music resonates instantly, as you can hear the pure passion being put into the music. It’s that give it all it takes mentality that shines through and makes it more authentic than ever with a powerful flow, that lays its all out there and makes you enjoy the writing that is daring just as well as it is sharp, to pour major life in the Latin Trap scene.

Violet Paniko’s “AL CIEN” is a brilliant display of music that gives the listener a sure experience of music. It understands the true power music can have to the people, and make sure he gives us something timeless that we will forever be able to go back and listen to, when we need to hear something real and exciting that is filled with substance to give us the perfect storm of artistry. 

Check out Violet Paniko “AL CIEN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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