Hope Raney – Pop Pop Pop

Hope Raney – Pop Pop Pop

The energy that artists put into a record goes a long way. That conviction and infectious energy that makes you take on, the record in a real way. That type of music goes far, and sticks with the listener, as the artist makes you a believer. That feel you get from Hope Raney on the new song “Pop Pop Pop”.

Hope Raney makes a record that’s enjoyable for every single second on the new song “Pop Pop Pop”. The bravado displayed by this talented femcee is infectious, with the flow being packed with unlimited swagger to sell it as the sure hit that it is. The lyrics have the perfect flair to make everything come together righteously on this new exciting record that has major bounce in the sound, to make it a complete.

Hope Raney’s “Pop Pop Pop” is that super dope Hip Hop that gives the culture more life to keep things going. She does everything right musically to make a song that’s digestible for the masses, while still showcasing high skill to make purists buy in completely. If you’re looking for amazing music to dive into, then get familiar with Hope’s new smash now!

Check out Hope Raney “Pop Pop Pop” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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