Devorah – Fire Spinner

Devorah – Fire Spinner

A song that is always worth a listen is a song that just simply feels good to hear. Those records that you can hit play on and feel the magic of the sound that shines bright to make for an experience like no other. That type of music can make a fan out of anyone and Devorah brings that and so much more on the new release “Fire Spinner”.

Devorah brings a stand out dance pop sound to make for a major listen on the new song “Fire Spinner”. The record has many enticing elements that come together to make one cohesive body of work. Bringing infectious energy to the music that is layered to perfection and builds perfectly to keep you moving, as the very well written lyrics that shine majorly in the chorus, come to life by the vocal performance that is big time enough to handle this moment with ease.

If you’re looking for music to get lost in this new release “Fire Spinner” has everything you need. Its marvels not only in the impressive audio but the visuals as well, to make you fall in love with the song even more, on this must hear record that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

Check out Devorah “Fire Spinner” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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