Doppe & Kokke x Justin Erinn – Find Your Way

Doppe & Kokke x Justin Erinn – Find Your Way

Music is something that now more than ever has to be felt. So much music out there to consume from our favorite major and indie artists, as well as plenty of new releases vying for our attention to the point a song just offering a nice sound what cut it. You have to be able to feel the music on a deeper to make it something people will want to keep coming back to and this new collaboration from Doppe & Kokke and Justin Erinn called “Find Your Way” is a record one listen will never be enough for.

Doppe & Kokke and Justin Erinn brings a smooth major sound that vibes to the fullest on the new song “Find Your Way”. The music does a grand job of blending the soul of R&B and the appeal of Pop music to make for on cohesive piece of art. It’s an easy listening record full of infectious grooves that makes you want to dance, and the vocals are a match made in heaven with the sound, as it delivers the writing just right to make you enjoy the substance in it, as everything does its part to make for a musical experience worth every second.

All you could want and more from a new record is what is delivered in exemplary fashion, with a fresh sound that feels good to hear. It shines musically with every aspect of the record being supreme but the feeling the music evokes is what makes it timeless jam, that will keep us all coming back for more.

Check out Doppe & Kokke featuring Justin Erinn “Find Your Way” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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