DaMi x Thandi Marie – In The Night

DaMi x Thandi Marie – In The Night

More than ever people look for some type of authenticity to the music. That feeling to the music that makes it real for you. Music is real when you feel it, as the artist lays it out there for us to dive into the music and enjoy it to the fullest. That music you feel creates an experience like no other and thats what DaMi and Thandi Marie bring for us to enjoy on the new song “In The Night.

DaMi and Thandi Marie come together to bring a R&B/ Afrobeats sound that is laced in grooves for us all to enjoy on the new song “In The Night. The sound catches you immediately with the music making you want to move, as you get lost in the music. Once you fall in love with the sound you catch the magic of the vocals, that have a smoothness to it that slides through the production with ease, as it delivers the writing to the fullest to make you enjoy the soul in the approach that pays majorly, for these incredible artists.

DaMi and Thandi Marie “In The Night” is a record that one listen will never be enough for, with a hypnotizing sound that puts you in a trance. The song sonically amazing as you hear the musicianship shine in every way, to make one cohesive sound that flourishes, but also a record that feels good to hear for every second to make you keep coming back for more.

Check out DaMi and Thandi Marie “In The Night” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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