Passport Rav x Bloo Azul – Get Out My Face

Passport Rav x Bloo Azul – Get Out My Face

Hip Hop has long been a genre that is known for its camaraderie. Since the beginning you’ve been able to hear emcees come together with their own fresh style and approach, to make for one must hear record that gets the culture excited as they become one in the spirit of music. That spirit of collaboration is what shines on the new release from the always impressive Passport Rav and Bloo Azul on the new song “Get Out My Face”.

Passport Rav and Bloo Azul come together to bring major flavor with their new single “Get Out My Face” off their upcoming project “83”. It’s a record that doesn’t waste time grabbing your attention with a chill mellow vibe to the music, that is matched with knocking percussion to make you slow down and take in the art that comes to life. The emceeing by both artists are supreme with Rav letting his worlds fly effortlessly in the first verse and serving it up for Bloo Azul to close the show, as the both feed off of each other in an organic and refreshing way to make super dope Hip Hop.

This release not only shines in the audio but the visuals as well to give you the vision in its entirety to give us all we could want and more. Its an authentic experience of music that feels good to hear and brings that more that the culture needs to stay afloat, with the talent and substance shining righteously.

Check out Passport Rav and Bloo Azul “Get Out My Face” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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