Bekah Bossard – Four Walls

Bekah Bossard – Four Walls

When an artist makes music it’s important to make an intimate connection with the listener that feels real. That music that sticks with the listener even when they’re not listening to it anymore, yet still feel the emotion of it after hearing it. To make that connection its a must that the artist puts their heart into it, to make sure the listener feels it as such, and Bekah Bossard does with her new release “Four Walls”.

Bekah Bossard brings a brilliant sound you feel every element of on the new song “Four Walls”. The production sets the perfect tone with an emotive indie touch that you can feel in as you get lost in the feel of it. With the tone set you are able to dive into the substance in the writing that is delivered with a dreamy tone to the vocals, that is a match made in heaven with the woozy guitars to make for a major listen every time.

Bekah Bossard’s “Four Walls” is a record that captures what the spirit of music is truly all about on this special release. People are always looking for music that they can connect to on a high level, as we all look for songs that understand how we feel sometimes better than we do. It’s brilliant music that excels in every way, in its pursuit to give the listener that more we always love to hear.

Check out Bekah Bossard “Four Walls” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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