Jo Majesty – Ain’t Gon’ Front

Jo Majesty – Ain’t Gon’ Front

Music is always something great to enjoy but it’s even better when it has that special sauce. That major flavor in the sound thats engaging, and creates waves of endless vibes you hope never end. When a song has that feel it makes life more enjoyable, as you get lost in the music and Jo Majesty has that must hear sound on the new song “Ain’t Gon’ Front”.

Jo Majesty brings endless vibes on the super dope record “Ain’t Gon’ Front”. Every element on this record works in perfect harmony to make something filled with infectious energy. The production sets a strong tone with a new age trap feel, that is perfect for the picture she creates. Her presence is undeniable and captures the feel an artist should have, when delivering on a track. The chorus answers the call and delivers the catchy writing just right, with the verses being stand out in their bars, to make it a record that truly does not miss.

Jo Majesty’s “ain’t Gon’ Front” is a record packed with the freshness that a new song should have. It captures the magic that makes discovering music enjoyable, with a signature style that makes her stand out as a creative you want to dive into on this incredible record you want to miss out on!

Check out Jo Majesty “Ain’t Gon’ Front”below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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