Nao Mali – Pretty/Ugly

Nao Mali – Pretty/Ugly

Bringing something new to music is all about being fresh. Having a fun infectious energy to your approach to stand out. With so many artists it’s important to not get wrapped up in trends, and deliver something that is unique to you, to make sure you have something for people to keep coming back to you for. With Nao Mali’s new song “Pretty/Ugly” they bring a distinct sound that one listen is not enough to take in this new sound.

Nao Mali makes you buy into their special style of music on the new song “Pretty/Ugly”. They have so many engaging elements to the song it’s hard to not want to listen. The artist name is intriguing, and the title makes it even more enticing to listen to. Once you hit play they have you. You get a vibrant infectious sound that allows the flow to vocals, with a unique tone to make the lyrics come to life and enjoyable on this impressive body of work.

Nao Mali’s “Pretty/Ugly” is an artistic vision brought to life to show that there is still plenty of room for innovation and substance in music to shine. They defy any box you can put them in and instead creates their own lane of music, to deliver a masterpiece of music to give us all a reason to be a fan of.

Check out Nao Mali “Pretty/Ugly” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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