Kelsey Blackstone x Jason LaPierre – When I’m With You

Kelsey Blackstone x Jason LaPierre – When I’m With You

Music has long been a special go to capture the spirit of love. Those songs that do wonders to the soul as it catches that feeling that sends chills down your bones, and butterflies in your stomach while you think about that special someone you care about. The spirit of those classic love records is what shines to the fullest on this new incredible record from Kelsey Blackstone and Jason LaPierre called “When I’m With You”.

Kelsey Blackstone and Jason LaPierre come together to make a beautiful duet on the new smooth jam “When I’m With You”. Their presence shines through in the soul sound that has a nice modern jazz touch to it, with the right amount of soul in their vocal approach, that makes you feel the love in the writing in a real way. This record thrives in the spirit of love songs with it making a connection with the listener, over this production that serves as the best stage for the writing to be taken in majorly, as they guide the listener on a music journey that gives you everything you could ever ask for.

Kelsey Blackstone and Jason LaPierre “When I’m With You” is a special piece of art that captures the soulful element of music in a masterful way. It’s a record that shines in every way from the production, writing, and vocals, as well as a masterpiece that connects to the listener on a body and soul level to keep us grooving for time to come.

Check out Kelsey Blackstone and Jason LaPierre “When I’m With You” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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