Nitepunk – Hyperdust

Nitepunk – Hyperdust

Nothing is more exciting than a record that cant be denied. Those stand out releases that defy convention and any one’s preference to make something, truly remarkable that makes the culture of music so exciting to be apart of. Thats the type of record that Nitepunk delivers to the fullest on his new must hear smash “Hyperdust”.

Nitepunk brings a thrilling experience to life on the new song “Hyperdust”. As soon as you hit play the music grabs you and brings you into his world, that is filled with excitement. The hard edge music pumps for every second with hard percussion that pushes things forward, and electro sounds working in divine harmony with the rhythms created, to make for a pulsing sound that you feel in your bones to make you get out of your seat for this work of art that gets better with each passing second.

Everything you hope to experience in a record, especially in a new one is what you get from “Hyperdust”. It runs wild in its own originality and creativity to pour more life into the culture, and give music fans everywhere a reason to stay invested, with so much fresh life in the sound you will keep it in rotation for time to come.

Check out Nitepunk “Hyperdust” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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