Aris & Edi – Too Hard

Aris & Edi – Too Hard

One great creative mind can make noise and really make a great piece of work, but when innovative minds come together it really can create something, that is truly game changing, authentic and beyond words. That shines through with the impressive duo Aris & Edi and their new song “Too Hard” is everything that Hip Hop is all about.

Aris & Edi crafts together a brilliant record that ou cant deny on the new song “Too Hard”. The producuton is amazing creating a true high energy sound that knocks to the fullest. It’s a piece of work that deserves the right words to it, and the rhyming delivers. Bringing a hard flow with harder lyrics, that shine all over this track while making their presence felt with plenty of bravado in the style, that shows flex in every line.

Aris & Edi “Too Hard” is an incredible piece of work that truly shows how great Hip Hop can be. The production is next level, the emceeing is on point, and the rapping is amazing, with the fusion being nothing short of audio genius you must have in your life.

Check out Aris & Edi “Too Hard”  below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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