Artist Spotlight: FrostTop

Artist Spotlight: FrostTop

One of the best things about music is hearing the creative’s mind work in real time. Where their wildest thoughts and daring chances being brought to life, as their world that they create through sound surrounds us and lets us get lost in it all. That type of fun experience of music is what keeps us coming back to bare witness to the magic just as much as any visuals type of work, and thats what you get from FrostTop on his new project “REFORM”.

A six track, 20 minute project that encompasses that shines bright in its innovation. The music genre bends perfectly with it encompassing so many great elements of different things that we love, especially Trap. With the title track “REFORM” having the layers to the music being packed with a nice electro feel to let us explore the music and find new elements to love in every record. Another record that embodies what this project is all about may be the record “Higher (Take Me)”. four minutes and 51 second of engaging sounds that pack pop appeal to make sure this project touches as many ears as possible.

FrostTop’s “REFORM” is an art piece just as much as a music album. The ability to paint a picture with the tools provided at his disposal is genius level, with each record being crafted with pure innovation to give the culture of music fresh life, on this project that shows just how fun creativity is to digest in music to keep us all fans for time to come.

Check out FrostTop “REFORM” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends

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