Robbi Atkins – Your Memory Is A Song

Robbi Atkins – Your Memory Is A Song

Music has served many purposes including to pay tribute. Connecting with people in a real way, as well have experienced loss and music being that special thing that helps get us through, as well as serve as an outlet for the creative behind the music to make a truly timeless connection. That incredible sound is what you get from Robbi Atkins on the record “Your Memory Is A Song”.

Robbi Atkins brings a masterful emotive sound that tugs at the heart with the new release “Your Memory Is A Song”. Each element does it part to make for one work of art that you feel to the core. The production brings a nostalgic Country sound filled with crunch driven guitar melodies, that have a nice bright touch to it to balance the substance in the lyrics. With the music flowing you get to feel the soul in the vocals that give their all to the listener to make you connect on this record, that tackles grief with a special touch to help us all get through.

Everything that makes you a fan of music, as well as what makes music forever important is what this record conveys. Its that music you feel as something real in your soul and makes you get invested in every moving part of this record to not only make you a fan musically, but makes you feel like you have a friend in the music when you need it most.

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