Takar Nabam – Just Another Phase

Takar Nabam – Just Another Phase

Many things can be credited for the rise of music. Sounds working together in perfect harmony that have long been the soundtracks to our life, due to the substance of it that can fit our mood or the times we are in. Something that definitely has played its part in music being a big thing is the soul in it. Those records that you feel every element of to give you a true experience of music. Takar Nabam brings a record that is packed with that soul on his new song “Just Another Phase”.

Takar Nabam taps into a classic soul sound to give us something timeless on the new song “Just Another Phase”. The retro sound catches you immediately with amazing live instrumentation that moves you, and sets the perfect tone for Takar to shine. As soon as he comes in, you cant deny the soul in his artistry with a warm tone that is masterful, at delivering to the listeners heart and keeps you hanging on every word that he brings to life through song you can relate to.

Takar Nabam’s “Just Another Phase” is the perfect record to show no matter the climate, the world will always be able to enjoy a record full of soul. It all works together in perfect harmony to the point it feels so divine, as the magic to music takes us away and gives us something real that we can feel and enjoy for time to come.

Check out Takar Nabam “Just Another Phase” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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