Soft Mothers – Hysterical Love

Soft Mothers – Hysterical Love

Music is most fun to discover when it’s fresh. That music that embodies everything it is to be new, with bringing something like you’ve never heard. It’s that aspect of music, that keeps fan coming back for more, as we get to take in those innovative ideas, that bring new light to something we already love. The Rock band Soft Mothers defies conviction to show why their sound is worth every listen with their latest “Hysterical Love”.

Soft Mothers brings a stand out sound that is major in its approach on the new song “Hysterical Love”. The music wastes little time getting you invested with a powerful sound filled with commanding guitar riffs and hard percussion that pushes things forward just right to make it engaging. As the music takes over your world you get the strong vocals that are unapologetic in their approach, to make sure the writing is felt righteously on this record that puts it all together to make a masterpiece like no other.

Soft Mothers “Hysterical Love” is an amazing body of work that understands the power that music can have with the people and gives them something real they can hold on to for time to come. The bold approach to the music is everything that has made Rock music great, with an undeniable approach to the music that lets you enjoy every element of the record do its part to the fullest, as well as the substance put into the music to make it all that much better to enjoy.

Check out Soft Mothers “Hysterical Love” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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