André XO – Blind

André XO – Blind

More and more people are flocking to music with real emotion. With so much music coming out on the daily a song that just sounds good won’t cut it. A record has to truly have a supreme quality to it to the listener for them to get invested in it. That certain touch to the music that makes you feel the artist and their presence as the music takes form us to be fans of, and André XO has the special touch to him with his new song “Blind”.

André XO brings a brilliant emotive sound you feel the love in on his new song “Blind”. The music takes you on a journey in every way with the production having exceptional pad work to set an emotive tone that he shines on majorly. For this dreamy sound you get a vocal performance that is mesmerizing in its tone and conveys emotion just right at every turn to make sure they writing is present and felt for every second of music he gives us.

The freshness that you hope for in a new artist as well as release is what is provided in “Blind”. Its an exceptional record that slows down time for the listener to get the full experience of his artistic vision. The production is masterful in setting the tone, the heartfelt writing is perfect in its articulation, and the vocals deliver it all to make us keep coming back for more.

Check out André XO “Blind” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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